True Facts about New Balance


  1. New Balance first appeared on the market by selling arch supports, under the name of New Balance Arch.
  2. The company was found by the British immigrant William J. Riley. He first stepped on American land in 1906.
  3. You would never believe but Riley came up with ‘New Balance’ just by observing the chickens he had in his backyard. He was specifically interested in how their three-toed feet supported their bodies.
  4. New Balance didn’t have actual stores, but travelling salesmen.
  5. The first customers of the brand were fire-fighters and policemen.
  6. The New Balance’s approach to appeal towards American market was always with science. That’s why in 1956 the brand changed its name to “New Balance Orthopedic Laboratory”
  7. The top selling point of New Balance was always the quality of the product. So lots of athletes would wear New Balance because of its quality, not because it was gifted to them. Later on the brand came up with the slogan “Endorsed by No One”.
  8. In 1960 New Balance invented the so called Trackster sneakers. It was unique because it came with widths. So that for every pair of feet there was a perfectly made pair of Trackster sneakers.NB_Trackster
  9. In the ‘70s the “N” logo was created. And then the first sneaker with the logo was 320. This sneaker made the brand a force in the running world —garnering Runner’s World’s No. 1 ranking for fit and comfort.NB_320
  10. More interesting about 320 is that New Balance advertised the model by using old folks that were proto-hipsters under the slogan “When the Going gets Tough, the Tough get Going”.
  11. New Balance’s 620 was the first running sneaker that eclipsed the $50 pricepoint. When the 620 was released in 1980, $50 was serious change for a pair of lightweight running sneakers, but it gave wearers a thick, cushioned heel that featured a Vibram sole. The sneaker, with its mesh and suede upper, was the most technologically advanced sneaker on the market at the time.
  12. In the 1980 a new sneaker was released- 620. It was the most technologically advanced sneaker on the market, selling at $50 a pair. A serious price for a pair of running shoes.
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